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A unique rejuvenator that will transform you in the shortest time. Edematous bags under the eyes, age wrinkles and bumps will disappear. The skin will become shining, full of energy and freshness.
Jeunesse always takes care of your beauty and health, that is why a new perfect cosmetic “Instantly Ageless” been developed by our best specialists.
Light texture and ease of use, long lasting effect (6-9 hours), a unique formula – all this is our revolutionary anti-aging product – cream for the face Instantly Ageless.

Now it is possible to become youngest in several minutes. You will notice what your skin wonderfully will change thanks to the new formula developed by specialists of Jeunesse Company. Instantly Ageless rejuvenating face treatment in the shortest time smoothes folds in zone of your eyes, nose, and lips. Your skin becomes the tightened, young and attractive. Uniqueness of Instantly Ageless rejuvenating face cream is in duration of his action. Apply cream only once and the effect of smartness of skin will last during six to nine hours. Thus, you will ensure attractive appearance for the whole day. This rejuvenating face cream is an excellent which each woman seeking to keep the beauty and youth has to have. Now you can do not worry about the appearance, going for reception, a business meeting or a party, because Instantly Ageless will help you to be irresistibly beautiful. Put the rejuvenating treatment for problem zone of face skin some time before to an important action, folds will be smoothed; skin roughnesses will disappear. You are ready to shine!

Instantly Ageless is the unique, innovative and high-speed rejuvenating cosmetic with long effect. It consists of natural components and doesn’t cause an allergy, an itch and skin boring.

Instantly Ageless Cream concurrently provides effective and long-term impact on the five problem areas of the face that are prone to age-related changes:
1. The wrinkles on the forehead
2. eyebrows
3. overhanging eyelid
4. “bags” under the eyes and wrinkles at the corners of the eyes.
5. facial ores.




The Product

Apply anti-aging cream with light tapping motion on the problem areas, let it soak – You Are ready now to be transformed with Jeunesse.
Volume: 50 – 0.3 ml sachet (15 ml total)


The product considerably reduces eye bags in a matter of minutes.
It helps decrease mimic and aging changes in skin.
It improves your skin strength and skin tone.
Pores become smaller which enhances your facial tone, making it faultless.

Use Instructions

1. The packet should be squeezed first and then all components must be well mixed.
2. Apply a small amount of cream, using sponge, a brush, or the index finger.
3. For some time after cream application keep your facial muscles relaxed until the cream dries up.
4. After the cream dries up, you can apply another layer of cream onto missed areas.
5. If you apply too much cream, whitish substance may result. It can be easily removed with a cotton pad.
6. If you need to apply base, use oil-free products.
7. Use the product regularly for best results.