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Mimic wrinkles

Mimic wrinkles can appear not only after a certain age, but even in twenty years can be found on face disturbing you little skin-fold or roughness. The appearance of mimic wrinkles is not due to occur in the body age-related changes, but with our emotions, and with heredity…


The importance of using rejuvenating face cream

With age the woman’s skin has changing. It has taking another complexion, getting less elastic and dry, hanging eyelids. This is due to hormonal changes which accompanies a woman throughout her life and significantly affects the period of 35-40 years, when the level of the female hormone (estrogen) begins to decline. There is less hyaluronic acid which provides hydration of skin…


Rejuvenating face mask from fruits and vegetables

At all times women have sought to save and prolong their youth, using natural funds which nature has given us. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, so that our skin needs, and at any age.
In this article, we will talk with you about the various recipes, allowing using of natural ingredients to rejuvenate and providing a healthy appearance to your skin. But before applying the mask, created in the home conditions…


How to get rid of the extra kilos

Healthy appearance is always in fashion. And its maintenance is a complex, laborious and daily work. If you have felt several extra kilos on your waist it is time to think about the situation change.

One of the first things to start is the correct and balanced diet. You should avoid snacking, stick to a diet, so you will feel less hunger. The basis of your diet should be vegetables and fruits.